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14-Jul-98 - 05:17 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Gardener (from The House Band)
Subject: LYR clarification: The Gardener by House Band
I'm supposed to be memorizing this song for a LARP, but I can't quite make out a couple of the lines in two of the verses. And for reference, this is the song that begins

"Red Margaret stood in her father's doorway / Straight as a willow wand / And by there came a gardener bold / With a red rose in his hand, his hand / A red rose in his hand."

The verses that I'm unsure of:

"Your gown shall be sweet-smelling thyme / Your apron selendine / Your petticoat of the chamomile / < / >"


"The milk-white snow will be your shirt / That lies your body next / The night-black rain will be your coat / < > at your breast, your breast / < > at your breast."

Thanks, anyone who can help with this!

Slán, Kiwi