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Posted By: Suffet
13-Nov-11 - 08:49 PM
Thread Name: Occupy Wall Street Songs
Subject: RE: Occupy Wall Street Songs

Click here for a YouTube video of demonstrators in the Wisconsin State Capitol singing a version of Solidarity Forever that includes these two new verses that I wrote:

They say our day is over, and they say our time is through,
They say you need no union if your collar isn't blue,
Well that is just another lie the boss is telling you,
For the union makes us strong!

They divide us by our color, they divide us by our tongue,
They divide us men and women, they divide us old and young,
But they'll tremble at our voices, when they hear these verses sung,
For the union makes us strong!

The verses appeared in the centennial edition of The Little Red Song Book. I understand that the singing continues to take place at noon every day the Capitol is open.

The video was made on September 8, 2011, nine days before Occupy Wall Street began, so it technically is not an OWS song, but the sentiment is certainly the same and it was later sung at the OWS encampment in New York. I know because I led the singing!

--- Steve