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Thread Name: Lyr Req: Goodbye Blinky Bill (John Williamson)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Goodbye Blinky Bill (John Williamson)
Lyrics and notes copied from

Words and Music by John Williamson
©1986 Emusic Pty Ltd

1. Oh, goodbye, Bunyip Bluegum[1]; goodbye, Blinky Bill[2]
And beautiful little Nutsie[3]. I can't believe it.
Our koalas are all dying. Can it really be
A national disaster, a world catastrophe?

2. Shiny little black nose and fluffy little ears,
Furry little bundle soaking up the tears,
Snugglepot and Cuddlepie[4] are crying in the rain,
And Wombat's gone into his hole and won't come out.

CHORUS: Oh, pass the hat around between your friends.
There's no time to contemplate.
Maybe if we show some love,
Maybe it's not too late.

3. 'Cause Blinky Bill is dying; cross him off the list.
Knock on doors; ring the bell; save the eucalypts[5].
I don't think I could stand the shame, knowing that I could
Have saved the world from losing something beautiful and good. CHORUS

4. One doctor on the job is hardly enough,
One little hospital; wake up, Australia!
It's our corner of the world, time to pull our weight.
What would we tell our children about our little mate?


1. Bunyip Bluegum is the koala that features in the children's classic 'THE MAGIC PUDDING', written in 1918 by the famous sculptor, painter and author, Norman Lindsay.

2. Blinky Bill - Australia's favourite cartoon koala.

3. Nutsie (Nutsy) is one of his friends.

4. The Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie were written and illustrated by May Gibbs (naturalist, artist and psychologist) 1877-1969. She introduced many people to Australian wildlife with her children's stories of 'gum nut babies' and their exploits in the bush.

5. Eucalypts - The koala almost exclusively feeds on the leaves of eucalypts, also known as Gum trees.

The song Goodbye Blinky Bill drew attention to the plight of the Koala in 1986. Through donations of royalties from the single and passing the hat at gigs, John has raised over $300,000 to help with their preservation.

John has been the Patron of the Koala Preservation Society of NSW in Port Macquarie for the last 5 years. The money raised from this song was used to build the John Williamson wing at the Koala Hospital.

Goodbye Blinky Bill remains one of John's most popular songs, particularly with children.