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Posted By: Mysha
16-Nov-11 - 09:16 AM
Thread Name: 'This Is Us' UK Launch @ Herga 14 Nov 2011
Subject: RE: 'This Is Us' UK Launch @ Herga 14/11/11

I'm also home now. (Well, at work, actually.) I'm a bit tired, but I had a good time. I met some nice people, if briefly. Some people have offered to help visit a British folk event again in the future, without breaking the bank, so maybe I'll see you again. BTW, what is the word for a debit card when you no longer have any debit on it? "Destit card"?

It's a curious idea for me, though, that by just joining-in with a project I've now somehow become a recorded artist. In fact, Catalunya Spirit has even been sung by someone else. All completely new. (-:

Now, how do we get the largest amount of profit for the good cause? Are there ways to sell sets, or separate CDs, to unsuspecting outsiders? Can we arrange for Mudcat CDs at folk festivals, or anything like that? Come to think of it, what would the rate in Euros be, sans cases. The rates I get from converting from dollar and pound aren't nearly the same, and but that might be a handy piece of information, together with the URL, should I happen to encounter someone with an interest in the CDs.