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Posted By: Jack the Sailor
16-Nov-11 - 05:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: Boxing; cruel, primitive & nauseating
Subject: RE: BS: Boxing; cruel, primitive & nauseating
Fine Lets, not make it "personal." Your point of view as expressed in the start of this thread is "People who support boxing have not progressed past the stone age."

You say that is not personal, fine than allow me to rephrase for Willie. "People who say "Boxing; cruel, primitive & nauseating" and people who say "In a world which claims to have progressed past the Stone Age, why is this cruelty allowed to continue? " are taking a sanctimonious stance in a feeble attempt to look clever. The only thing nauseating here is reading the withering diatribes of such people.

Yes, so much better.

Allow me now to rephrase for myself, "When people who draw such clear and "withering" lines in the sand, especially when admitting that it is in DIRECT response to the words of others who are at hand, start to whine about " gratuitous personal remarks at the end." those people theoretically, if such people existed, might be considered to be whiny hypocrites.

Hiding ones insults behind generalizations like "the world" when one clearly does not mean the world, when one clearly is targeting "those people on the other thread" does not make them easier for some to take. Though obviously such cleverness can fool some people, but evidently not Willie.

This is not in anyway meant to be a personal criticism but the viewpoint expressed was that anyone who supports boxing is on a level of a caveman. Such a viewpoint is very disrespectful of supporters of boxing and if it that is possible, even less respectful of their viewpoints. In context, what is below seems very very condescending. So much so that it struck a nerve with people other than the person it was aimed at. Such as Raedwulf and me.

"You are welcome to agree or disagree, all I ask is that you extend to me a little courtesy, by respecting my viewpoint.
Perhaps one might also find your critique more acceptable if you didn't add gratuitous personal remarks at the end. "

May I please rephrase for you?

"I am deeply sorry that in a smarmy and convoluted way, I called you a cave man. In future I will speak my insults more plainly and address them directly towards the intended target."

Or if I may rephrase the start of the thread sans insult.

"I find boxing to be cruel, primitive and disgusting, I find it upsetting that it exists, and I wish that it didn't."