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Posted By: Donuel
17-Nov-11 - 09:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: Occupy Wall Street; The 99%
Subject: RE: BS: Occupy Wall Street; The 99%
I am extremely concerned about the 18 city co-ordinated police action against OWS coincidentily while the President is out of the country.

A staff member of the Federal Judicial dept said that a joint meeting of Homeland Security and various state and city mayoral and police forces are mobilizing for a nationwide police action.

We have all seen the results of the new rules OWS is to obey under ammended free speech interpretations by the (authorities?)
and the resulting police vandalism to private property accross the country.

The only TV media I have acces to outside the internet is Obermann and Pacifica radio. The other outlets have gone uniformally silent and all repeat the same talking points.

What are the best media sites out there.

PS When it comes to insuireing the public health and safety of of the public on the street I would start by not assualting , terrorinzing, stealing from and injuring the people.