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17-Nov-11 - 12:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Occupy Wall Street; The 99%
Subject: RE: BS: Occupy Wall Street; The 99%
Steve Suffet: "What OWS has accomplished, if nothing else, are two things: 1. It has refocused the political conversation in such a way that people are now raising such fundamental questions. 2. It has motivated millions of people to engage in mass action. Because of these two accomplishments, I am now feeling more optimistic than I have in years. I believe a struggle has now begun, but let us not fool ourselves into believing that occupying a few parks will be enough."

Right!...Now it is time to FOCUS on the real problems, and get solutions. Where the OWS crowd is missing the mark, is that they are shifting the focus OFF the original intent, and now making themselves the issue!

Because of political partisan bickering, in which both sides have played a huge, and corrupt role in all this,(as I've posted before, and including the insider trading collusion between Wall Street and Washington), I tend to think that the 'representatives'(?), on BOTH sides, are going to make as much as they can, before the house of cards collapses on their corrupt game!

Frankly, this whole thing smacks of an orchestrated Machiavellian scheme, in which when its all said and done, the very people who the OWS crowd purports to be against, is the very same people who will orchestrate the 'crackdown' that they've been itching for, for years!!
...and this will drag a lot of innocent people down with it, and leave our freedoms(what we have left), to a memory, and a footnote to history....then the very people who are 'allegedly' being protested against, will have unfettered control over EVERY aspect of our lives!

Its time to move onto prosecuting the high crimes and treason that have been foisted against our country, and set into place measures that clean up their act...BOTH in Washington, AND Wall Street, and not fall into the trap of thinking one party is more innocent than the other. They're BOTH in it together....because when a candidate goes to Washington, it is NOT to represent the people, but to make a fast buck, and keep doing it as long as possible, or needed!!!
Our present president is a glowing example of this, being as he has carried on the exact same policies, and direction that his predecessors have done!

Do you ever wonder how many stocks in pharmaceuticals, and the medical INDUSTRY were traded in the days surrounding the 'Health Care' vote?? the very people who voted for it??? Iraq?? the 'bailouts??