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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
18-Nov-11 - 11:33 AM
Thread Name: BS: Boxing; cruel, primitive & nauseating
Subject: RE: BS: Boxing; cruel, primitive & nauseating
It's a fact of life that when someone craps on another's idea, or thought, that "Victim" is unable to separate his/her thought/idea from him/her self. They take it as a personal attack on them.

I'm not so sure, Kendall. I can see that happening in the playground but, surely, grown up people can separate criticism of tastes and ideas from criticism of self? I like to think so anyway but I must admit that the old (or young?) Gnome tries to surface periodically and takes umbridge at some innocuous comment. But then the brain cells kick in :-)

Jack -

People who sing sea shanties are too stupid for real music.

Criticising shanties is NOT personal abuse. It is perfectly acceptable to not like shanties. In some areas it is compulsory :-) However, criticising the people that sing shanties is abuse of a personal nature. I presume this is what you were trying point out? Trouble is it doesn't work well enough as an analogy. If we were to say that people who either sing or listen to shanties are stupid, then we would reach a far wider base of people to insult:-)