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Posted By: Janie
19-Nov-11 - 01:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: What's to Do in Charleston, SC?
Subject: RE: BS: What's to Do in Charleston, SC?
Well, most things. Mom is a shopper but not the rest of us. Except for my 17 y.o. son, we are interested in history, but are not particularly interested in touring the interior of historic homes and mansions unless they have a story to tell or include a worthy art collection. I love gardens and landscape architecture. Really good art galleries. Art museums. Music - but not interested in clubs or bar scenes, at least not on this trip - unless there were some good jazz or big band music, which Mom would really enjoy.    Science, feats of engineering, natural wonders and learning about environmentally significant natural areas. Maritime museums and aquariums if they are good in "telling" their story and also not crowded.

My son will be on the lookout for places he can practice parkour without getting run off. Also in areas where he can longboard (skateboard as transportation vs. tricks and feats.) Regional food (will definitely try the shrimp and hushpuppies, VT.)

Mom is not actually frail, but does take awhile to get her energy back when she gets worn out, and is somewhat limited in how much walking she can do. If the weather is cold or wet she also isn't too keen on being out-of-doors except to get from one place to another. She would enjoy a trolley tour, or perhaps a buggy tour if they run in winter and if the day is mild, but we won't be able to simply do a lot of strolling, and checking out just whatever grabs our interest, which is what Sis and I would do if it were just us.

From the internet, it looks like there isn't much happening during the week between Christmas and New Year's in terms of theatres, shows and public holiday performances. Would be nice to take in one good show of some sort, but we are mostly looking for how to spend the days, not the evenings.