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Posted By: M. Ted (inactive)
24-Oct-00 - 09:48 AM
Thread Name: Need help with 1 hour 'protest' show
Subject: RE: Need help with 1 hour 'protest' show
The ultimate struggle song has got to be "We Shall Overcome"--

Anyway--I second on McGrath's idea--what you should do is pick one particular issue, since there have been many issues that have elicited protest songs--From Free Soil, to a variety of union efforts, to civil rights, to the Vietnam war, to the environmental movement and have a sort of introduction that places it in the context of other "Protest" songs--

There are a number of people who contribute to the forum that can be of great help, Frank Hamiliton, for instance, and Sandy,(They are examples, there are others here as well) and you might even want to tape telephone interviews with a a few people to intersperse with your narrative and the songs you come up with--