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Posted By: Jack the Sailor
20-Nov-11 - 01:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: Boxing; cruel, primitive & nauseating
Subject: RE: BS: Boxing; cruel, primitive & nauseating
"prissy Brit."
I certainly didn't mean that to be the devastating insult it has been taken to be. Or is "Brit" an insult? I thought it was just a short way to say someone from Britain. "Prissy", I think is a very good description of John Mackenzie's behaviour on this thread. I also think "prissy Brit" is accurate for another reason, I can't imagine a male who is not from Britain who would think about cruelty in terms of a contact sport, who would think of primitive as necessarily a bad think, (it is a synonym for primal) or who would use the word nauseating in anything but a clinical sense.

All that said, I am sorry, to have upset anyone. Since I have no emotional attachment to any of the issues, it was pretty dumb of me to continue. Sorry folks, especially to Gnu. You are a good man with a good heart. I am sorry for winding you up.