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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
20-Nov-11 - 01:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: Occupy Wall Street; The 99%
Subject: RE: BS: Occupy Wall Street; The 99%
I actually agree with Bobert, (to a degree) on this one. (pass Bobert the smelling salts!) The most important thing to come out of the is the 'discussion' may be more focused on SOME of the problems....but, Obama knew about this, when he (campaigned) promised NOT to have lobbyists and such, in his cabinet..a promise he did NOT keep....OR, maybe he COULDN'T keep it. (That's giving Obama a little bit credit on the doubt).
The main problem in our government, and nation, is NOT a 'political' is a MORAL problem!...and our 'so-called' representatives are just the tip of the iceberg.
While Wall Streeters(OWS) get their heads beat in, they are mistakenly 'hopeful' that certain, 'supporting' members of Congress, and the Administration, will somehow hear their cries, and/or sympathized with their plight....but what they aren't taking into account, is that those SAME ones they are looking to, for a helping hand, aren't about to cut off their 'inside' pipeline, to the money trough, that they've been sucking off, FOR YEARS!....completely fucking us, and the economy over....and over....and over!
When people like Steve Suffet are out there, risking his own safety, perhaps, to bring attention to a problem, those same 'representatives' are positioning themselves.....and people like Steve, are left out, twisting in the wind, with their asses in the breeze, becoming cannon fodder, while the ones being look to, for help, are still figuring a way to make, yet MORE profits out of it!!
...and you wonder where the gridlock comes from????? It's NOT from 'political' differences, all the's from neither side wanting to pull the plug on their ability to scam the American private sector, and allow the 'opposing' party do do the long as they reciprocate!
If their is a 'delay' in dealing with this, it is only because, if a 'change' is being formulated, it will only come, when they figure out some 'new exclusive loopholes' to afford them the same luxury, that they have now! .....other than that, the 'political' factions, will only use the Wall Streeters, as a way to foment bloodshed, so they can capitalize on advance their political agendas....for their advancement, as well!
How many of the Washington/Wall Street connection crowd do YOU THINK are going to raise taxes on the 1%-ters? ...until they, at least figure a way to launder their corrupt earnings!
Now if the Wall Streeters advance their dialogue to include this discussion, and do this in an intelligent, salient way, and cut out those who are making them look like 'buffoons', and 'opportunists', THEN we will have gotten somewhere!
BUT, if some of the behavior, of SOME of the 'politicos', on this forum, are any indication, the discussion will be hijacked, into stupid name calling, slurring, projection of false intentions, and the like, and nothing will happen...except deterioration...and the OWS will become like a passing 'trip' some people got into....
...and by the way, likening the OWS movement to the '60's anti war movement, is really a misplaced effort...being as one was protesting being drafted against own's kill, or be killed...and the other is focusing on 'debt forgiveness'.....not really the same thing, guys!

So Steve, if you're out there, or move to another location, take care, and be careful..(take care of your 'ax', too)...and don't be lured into, that the cavalry is going to come and 'fix' anything. be careful!

Regards To All!