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Posted By: GUEST,Shimrod
21-Nov-11 - 02:16 PM
Thread Name: What Folk Revival?
Subject: RE: What Folk Revival?
"Where will the 50-year old or 100-year old music of that future then come from? It should be appearing now, shouldn't it? The only response I got to that question was, "I don't care, I won't be here.""

I think that the person who gave that answer was me. I also pointed out that it's a question without an answer (yet) because no-one can predict the future. In addition, as a trad. folk fan, I get a bit irritated when I'm told that I belong to the only class of music fan who is responsible for posterity!

"Part of the problem, I think, is that there are some abysmal singers around who think that "traditional" means basic and poor."

Unfortunately, I have to say that that is true of a significant number of singaround participants. I believe it's because they believe that they have some sort of right to 'sing' but no responsibilty to entertain their fellow participants or audience. There are far too many excrutiatingly boring groaners, who can't hold a tune and sing to their notebooks - because they can't be bothered to learn the words. These people sing without passion, skill or artistry and I resent having to spend my time listening to them!

In some ways I'm a bit of a 'purist' and prefer trad. material - but but what I actually demand is conviction and commitment.