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Posted By: catspaw49
21-Nov-11 - 05:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Boxing; cruel, primitive & nauseating
Subject: RE: BS: Boxing; cruel, primitive & nauseating
""when was the last time a musician, by perfoming, placed someone into a coma, caused irreversible brain damage, brought on premature Parkinson's disease, or made someonne in the audience a paraplegic? Etc"".

Actually, in 2009, a retired Jewish pants presser named Ezekiel Lipschitz living in Pittsburgh was found in a comatose state in his basement. Taken to the hospital, a complete examination was performed and doctors at Allegheny General reported Mr. Lipschitz had reduced brain function and showed signs of Parkinson's disease. The lack of brain functions also affected his nervous system other ways and doctors could find no nerve signals to his lower body suggesting that he will also be a paraplegic should he recover from the coma.

A neighbor and friend, Gladys Blatz, had been with him the night before and told police she had left him about 8:30 the previous evening after telling her he intended to listen to the collected musical works of Yoko Ono. Doctors now expect he will not recover.