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Posted By: bradfordian
21-Nov-11 - 06:22 PM
Thread Name: 'This Is Us' UK Launch @ Herga 14 Nov 2011
Subject: RE: 'This Is Us' UK Launch @ Herga 14/11/11

Just spent 1 hour setting up the links to the vids on youtube and when I submitted, where the hell it Go???? It must be somewhere! but it ain't here. Doh.

Well, if anyone else has the patience (I've just run out of it)to list them, they are on my youtube channel (bradfordian1946). There's about 20 of 'em all from the Herga THIS IS US UK Launch party.

bradfordian (feeling deflated)

The performers & songs:-

Mary Humphreys & Anahata: Valiant & Allexander

Mary Humphreys & Anahata: Pan O'wn y Gwanwyn

My guru always said: O no my love, not I

Stallion: Ratcliff Highway

Stallion: Harem Scarem *

Noreen: The comfort of singing voices

Henry Clements: Needle and Thread

Henry Clements: Lost Railways *

Les Sullivan: Sullivan's Farewell *

Leadfingers: When father was pantomime dame

Leadfingers: Water and Beer

Peter Twitchett (Waddon Pete): Chickens in the garden

MtheGM: The Skillet Pot *

MtheGM: The Friar *

Mysha: Catalunya Spirit

Pavane: Roxburgh Castle

Mrs Pavane: Ar Lan y Mor

My guru always said & George Papavgeris: The Rain Is Falling

George Papavgeris: Circles in the air