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Posted By: Janie
21-Nov-11 - 11:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: What's to Do in Charleston, SC?
Subject: RE: BS: What's to Do in Charleston, SC?
Really appreciate the ideas, suggestions and feedback. Want to make good use of our time. Realizing we are really only going to have 2 full days in Charleston, so these suggestions are especially helpful. Everything will be closed on Christmas day and we have to check out on Wednesday. Sum Yung Sun and I could also consider checking into a motel/hotel and staying a couple of days longer if he would like to do so. I'm sure he would enjoy touring the aircraft carrier but that would be a major physical challenge for Ma, and probably Sis after the bad car accident from which she is not fully recovered, and also not on the top of their lists of things to do and see.

Is the aquarium exceptional, or simply another decent aquarium? Not being snobby, but there are a lot of aquariums, and most of them are not that interesting after one has been to several, especially when they are so packed with people one can not linger at exhibits, has to peer over the tops of heads or disagreeably elbow one's way forward, and can not linger at points of interest for fear of adding to congestion. It is hard to take in the benefits and wonders of the natural world when surrounded by several thousand of your closest friends. I know Charleston is not an east coast hotspot for the week between Christmas and New Years, but school is out, families are visiting, and the kids need entertained. Remembering a very unsatisfactory visit to the Baltimore aquarium during the same time period a couple of years ago because of the crowds. But also a much higher population density. Midweek at the Long Beach aquarium in southern California during a non-school break was quite manageable, enjoyable and informative. Anyone with experience or insight?

Good jazz spots? Mom and I would love it.