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22-Nov-11 - 03:50 AM
Thread Name: BS: Occupy Wall Street; The 99%
Subject: RE: BS: Occupy Wall Street; The 99%
Do they realize how stupid they sound?

Maybe they do, but just figure that Americans are so dumbed down by now that no one will notice. Paul Ryan is not a stupid person, my personal opinion is that he is a sociopath, but being wholly owned by Wall Street (banksters and corporates) means that he is required to take certain positions that just make him look stupid.

His most recent stupid (and glaringly false) comment was that the TALK of income inequality was dividing America.
Not income inequality itself, but just the talk of it, is the root of our troubles. I must admit, when I read this, it did not compute at first. I couldn't believe that anyone, no matter how much he is paid by the Koch brothers, or whoever, could put himself on the record with such a stupid lie, not just a stupid lie, but a provable lie.

The USA ranks 93rd in income inequality, behind Egypt(45), India(56), China(81),and Iran(90). Though I believe our ranking should actually be much lower, as it does not take into account the unemployed. And income inequality is increasing at an accelerated rate every year.

This is what is dividing Americans. This is what the "Occupy" protesters are really protesting. Our corporately controlled media, basically debase and dismiss the protesters as, well take your pick, saying that they "have no point", "no platform", "they don't even know what they are doing there", etc,etc. The media will continue this pretense because they are part of the problem, they are the mouthpiece of the corporates, and the media talking heads (shills) are paid very well to stick to the script (lie) . Our wholly owned politicians, both Republican and Democrat, will do the same because they have been purchased, with billions of campaign contributions (bribes), by the very corporates and banksters who have brought us to this dire situation. All except one. Senator Bernie Sanders is the only senator I know of, there may be others, that accepts no corporate or bankster bribes.

If you don't believe our government, including our Supreme Court and Justice Dept., are owned by Wall Street, I would ask you to consider one thing. After committing massive fraud ( labeling sub-prime mortgages as Triple A, not to mention the "counterfeited mortgages" created after Wall Street crashed the entire global economy) not only has not a single bankster been put in prison, not one has even seen the inside of a courtroom. And if that isn't glaring enough they were also handed hundreds of billions of tax free, no strings, tax payer, dollars, by our caring government, just to make up for any losses they may have suffered, after pocketing trillions in profits during the "boom" years.

I have lived in third world countries where the corruption was just right there, in your face, well, we may do it with a little more subtlety, we have much more elaborate smoke and mirrors, but I seriously doubt there is any country, anywhere in the world, that has the scale of corruption that we have in our government. And I admit that with great sadness and regret, because Americans deserve better.

But don't worry because help is on the way, Paul Ryan has the answer, if these damned people would just stop exercising their right as Americans, you know, that darn 1st Amendment right to free speech, if everyone would just stop TALKING about things, our problems would just naturally go away.