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Posted By: Musket
22-Nov-11 - 05:24 AM
Thread Name: BBc defends folk awards
Subject: RE: BBc defends folk awards
Awards for something as abstract as music are always going to be subjective.

The alternative would be the BBC joining in the idea of folk being something that weird beards with twigs growing out of their sandals and leave well alone unless Simon Cowell some day decides it is cool.

Be grateful for the easy access to good music each Wednesday night. I know I am. Sorry, I wouldn't allow my enjoyment of the awards to be subject to knowing who the judges are. To me, it's irrelevant. One person's enjoyment is another person's earful. With one hour a week, Mr Harding has a job on, and one minute he is accused of not showcasing enough talent, the next criticised for cutting songs short to fit more in. Poor bugger, should have stuck to being one of the most prodigious folk talents the scene has produced.

I enjoy the new music I may have never heard before and I for one particularly enjoy being taken back thirty odd years by him slipping in someone I last heard in the upstairs room of a pub that no longer exists.

Keep it comin' Mike & crew.