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Posted By: Howard Jones
22-Nov-11 - 07:48 AM
Thread Name: BBc defends folk awards
Subject: RE: BBc defends folk awards
Howard Jones wrote:
What is interesting is that the list sent to the judges is based on what's been played on Mike Harding's show.

As one of the so-called judges, I can say that this statement is inaccurate.

I was simply paraphrasing what Emma had reported John Leonard had told her:

"There is a list, he explained, of new music sent out to all the judges every year, based on what's been played on the Mike Harding Show (which is also produced by Smooth Operations)." Perhaps the judges are not expected to limit themselves to what's on that list, but it's bound to focus their attention.

I think the value of the Awards is that they briefly give our music a higher profile than it usually gets. It would however be good if we could understand better how the nominations are arrived at and what the criteria are. Otherwise I think there's a great danger that the folk scene will become too cynical about them. As theleveller pointed out, everyone on the list deserves to be there. We can all think of other nominations who are equally deserving of recognition, and I can understand Vic's point of view if someone feels entitled to gigs just because they've won an award, but on the other hand it does at least suggest they're worth listening to, if only to make up your own mind.