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Posted By: gnu
23-Nov-11 - 08:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: Boxing; cruel, primitive & nauseating
Subject: RE: BS: Boxing; cruel, primitive & nauseating
JtS... "No they are NOT comments on the human condition. They are criticisms of groups of people. If you are in that group they are criticisms of you."

Yes they are... that is the thrust of the OP. That is the debate. It is not a personal attack. It is an attack on the morals of a society which allows and promotes violence. Your attempt to personalize the thread as being about you is unjustifiable.

Again, I think you are are a good guy, but you are way off base on this one. It ain't about you. It's about boxing... read the title of the thread eh b'y???

Maybe you should start a new thread to discuss YOUR hypothesis.