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Posted By: GUEST,Kelly Maxwell
24-Nov-11 - 01:42 PM
Thread Name: eena meena mackeracka (children's rhymes)
Subject: RE: eena meena mackeracka (children's rhymes)
i got another one my sister sung it: my boyfriend gave me an apple my boyfriend gave me a pear my boyfriend gave my a kiss on the lips and threw me down the stairs. i gave him back his apple i gave him back his pear i gave him back his kiss on the lips and threw him down the stairs.
the next day we went to the sweet shop to buy some bubble gum and when he wasn't looking i stuck it up his bum. then we went to the movies to watch a horror film and when i wasn't looking he kissed another girl. i threw him over london i threw him over france i threw him over belgium bridge and ripped his underpants. (pants is pronounced Parnts to go with france