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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
25-Nov-11 - 02:00 AM
Thread Name: BS: Occupy Wall Street; The 99%
Subject: RE: BS: Occupy Wall Street; The 99%
By the way Bobert, which 'side' of the Democrats are the 'right' ones, in this matter?
Awaiting Bobert's DODGE!.......unless he has an answer!..Let's see what he gives

I just got back....and WILL address some of your posts...but I'm going to crash for the night.

And BTW....I'm NOT pretending to be 'progressive'..nor did I even know about 'KOS'..until I went to Wikipedia, after Don's post....and....being as you say I'm a 'she', and at the same time Michael Moore, I guess before I make another public appearance, I'll get some liposuction, and a 'tummy tuck'..if you seem me that way, you might be RIGHT!...............(but if not..............)
oh, and one more...

Jack the Sailor: "Not fair Don. GfS is unregistered, for all we know she may be Michael Moore."

Not registered???..Jeez! How come you argue in favor of illegal, undocumented aliens to our country...then bitch that I'm unregistered in Mudcat???
Can't you live up to your double standards???

...and speaking of which:

Don applauds 999 for CUT AND PASTING a letter from Michael Moore, who is saying virtually the same thing, from his blog, and pisses his pants when he THOUGHT I 'cut and pasted' from KOS????(Which I didn't, BTW). Another 'Can't you live up to your double standards???' award goes to Don!

(Open mouth-insert feet!).

And Bobert, It would serve you well to read those longer posts, and click the links I posted. You might even learn something more than how to parrot 'talking points'!

Good night..gotta crash.
Happy Thanksgiving!