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26-Nov-11 - 12:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: Occupy Wall Street; The 99%
Subject: RE: BS: Occupy Wall Street; The 99%
Bobert: "But to buy into the idea that the government itself is the problem is the oldest Republican trick in the book... No, government isn't the problem... Bad government is the problem... "


Bobert: "You can call for the Federal Reserve to be dismantled and then after it is complain that there our currency is getting the shit kicked out of it..."

Well, here's a thought on the matter, being as Wall Street and the banksters have had attention drawn to them...and correctly so, as I've posted before, being as we are ALL anticipating a financial hit, and cut backs to benefits, and other things that it takes to run things....and being as the larger than necessary budget is out of control...why not cut back on the biggest wasteful part of the budget...the compounded interest by the Fed(a PRIVATE BANKING 'GROUP'). OR, at least a moratorium...letting our taxes directly fund the programs, instead of wasting it on the 'interest' to fund 'programs and projects'! The privately owned 'central bank' (Fed)and its Wall Street laundering mechanisms, can damn well carry some of the load, rather than shifting the load to us regular folks, just to keep the private banking concerns living high on the hog, at our expense! There would be funds finance the vital services, and entitlements, defense, etc. etc. without that corrupt, unaccountable monkey on our backs...don't you mentioned by you, as well, when you went on to say, "...The polluters and crooks just hire the D students to run the government..."

In other words, CORRUPT Government!

As far as Rick Perry, I posted here, that he was going to enter, who was backing him, right before he entered, and his 'meteoric rise'...(at the beginning). Thank God he's fallen in the polls, and support!

Now this part,
"That is the problem... No the Fed... Not a Department of Energy... Not a Department of Commerce... Not federal workers... Not the EPA... Not the Department of Education..." are assuming I'm working off the talking points of the Repubs...I'm not. I've heard the stuff that is out there, but I'm not in agreement with all that either.

Bobert: "Crooks and polluters are the problem!!!"

In other words, "CORRUPTION!"....especially when our representatives get a payoff, for a pass.

...and by the way, THANK you, for a post with real dialogue!

Though we differ a little, solutions can be arrived at by a true exchange of IDEAS!....not so much just repeating what ANY given party, or ideology, WANTS us to be talking about. MAYBE, just maybe, as the OWS crowd has opened a door...MAYBE our crooked 'representatives' should be talking about what WE...WE the people, are talking about....or pack up and get the fuck out of Dodge!

Whether you are a 'liberal', 'progressive', conservative, OWS, Tea Party...ALL have a bit of the truth, and WE, as in 'WE the people' need to come to a reconciliation of what we CAN AGREE on, and let the crooks know, that we ain't buyin' their lying sales pitches ANY LONGER!

By the a side note: on one of my earlier posts, there was a link, to sign a petition, that would foment legislation, to prosecute the banksters who fraudulently 'robo-signed' home foreclosures, for the banks(due to that screwed up con job, under the guise of getting everyone who couldn't afford payments, into a home, so they could be fucked out of it, and the housing market crisis that followed it, in its wake)....In California, the FIRST charges, have FINALLY been filed on one of the 'robo-signers', and the bank!!
Now, once they got there, the RICO statute could, and should be applied to take it all the way to the top, of the food chain....and nail everyone of those bastards, regardless of party, position, or 'importance in stature'.....I think you could agree with that.
....and would America be surprised to learn of the 'who's who, in that list of crooks!......even people who they elected(blindly)!

OH, and P.S......Don, you can spare your extra 'Depends'...the above post was not cut and pasted.

Nice to post rationally, again, with you, Bobert.......but what of that thing about the top Dems not wanting Obama to run again......?