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Posted By: Tootler
26-Nov-11 - 02:51 PM
Thread Name: Gulp! Ewan MacColl - Scottish or Not?
Subject: RE: Gulp! Ewan MacColl - Scottish or Not?
"so it must have been an understandable mistake" I suspect we are all thinking about the same programme - though I can't remember exactly what it was. A section of the programme went to the north-east for songs of that area (as it had done in other areas) and Shoals of Herring was the song featured. So it was the serving up of the said song as an example of local songs which struck me rather than anything the singer said about it. That may of course have had more to do with the programmes editors etc than it did with the singer herself. However in this wee group we have three people now who remember it that way!

I saw the programme and came away with the same impression. Irene's comment above makes it clear how it happened. The media seem incapable of getting it right - or perhaps they like to create a different impression because it makes a "more interesting" story and sod the facts.