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Posted By: GUEST,Suibhne Astray
27-Nov-11 - 08:17 AM
Thread Name: New CD by Rapunzel and Sedayne!
Subject: RE: New CD by Rapunzel and Sedayne!
That answers that one; I was going to ask where you got it from, theleveller... We were in Probe yesterday (Liverpool) trying to persuade them to stock it by pointing out the review in the new edition of Shindig which we'd just bought off him (£7!). He said he'd look into it...

Thanks for kind words anyway. More conventional folk-minds might look askance at our approach, but as Zappa said 'Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.' Not that we do this intentionally of course, it just turns out that way naturally, given our inspirations, roots & natural inclinations.   One of our recent promoters insisted our approach was a little too weird for his particular norm, but, but in all honesty SFTBT is our attempt at making a normal folk album, albeit ever so slightly Post-Revival in its approach. You want 'weird' (man!) check out A Pentacle of Pips - but even then our intention is a joyful celebration of traditional folk fruitfulness from 3,500 BC to the present.