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Posted By: Jim Carroll
28-Nov-11 - 03:24 AM
Thread Name: Gulp! Ewan MacColl - Scottish or Not?
Subject: RE: Gulp! Ewan MacColl - Scottish or Not?
"Struck me as a real miserable git"
Went to the Singers Club virtually every week from 1969 to the end.
Most nights it was pretty near impossible to get near Ewan because he was constantly surrounded by people, all discussing the music he/they loved. Ewan could, and did talk to anybody who was interested enough to approach him - though he was reticent and preferred to be a listener on subjects he was not familiar with.
I was invited to become a member of the Critics Group after meeting him and Peggy after their performance at the MSG in Manchester
Are you sure it isn't you who's the "miserable git"?
"All these years later I see she is still relentlessly touring."
Saw Peggy perform her in the West of Ireland a few months ago - superb night - had an audience, most of whom had never heard her live before, eating out of her hand - not bad for someone in her mid-seventies.
She's now living back in the UK, in Oxford.
Jim Carroll