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Posted By: akenaton
30-Nov-11 - 12:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: Occupy Wall Street; The 99%
Subject: RE: BS: Occupy Wall Street; The 99%
1...How do any of you know that GfS is a woman.....I have no idea what gender he/she is.

2.... Don, I dont know if you realise this, but you have made a dreadful statement against GfS, in calling him/her a "non person".
You infer that his/her opinions are completely worthless, not worthy of even consideration
You say that I am a bigot for my views, yet I would never dismiss the views of you or any other person as you have done.
If I was a moderator, I would put you off the forum for such an attitude.
To my mind, what you have written is worse that racism, homophobia, or any other form of bigotry.
3...Bob, sorry but I just dont understand the bit about "dust on the robe".....could you please explain? As I think it may have been directed at me.