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Posted By: akenaton
01-Dec-11 - 03:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Public Sector skivers (UK)
Subject: RE: BS: Public Sector skivers (UK)
"poor sad bonzo..

he can be as obnoxiously provocative as he likes;

but who is he most likely going to need to cut his toe nails, give him baths and wipe his arse
10 years or more from now... ???"

What a fucking joke!......have you ever been inside a "care" home lately...or read the newspapers?

They're more likely to rifle through his drawers than wipe his arse, feed him, or give him any form of stimulation.

We should be ashamed of how we treat our old people, as far as I can see they are looked upon as money on legs, foced to sell their homes an use all their saving to keep themselves alive.

I visit homes in our area, and all are poor....some are disgraceful.

I went to visit one of my old female teachers, who had just been served "dinner"
A brown rock hard 4" square surrounded by what had once been chips,
When I enquired what it was, the "care" worker replied without a blush....."La-san-ya!"

Money controls everything, to most folks, their space and consumerist lifestyle takes precedence over the welfare of their elderly parents......whats the point of an extended life expectancy when that life is empty and worthless?

I we are going to strike, why is it not about the REAL poor, those struggling on min wage...or part time work with no union to hype up a glorified holiday.....we dont need a strike, we need a fuckin' the way we think.