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01-Dec-11 - 06:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: Public Sector skivers (UK)
Subject: RE: BS: Public Sector skivers (UK)
hi akenaton ..

my mother is a retired care home assistant.
She was a worker at the lowest paid rung of the hierarchy
who spent most of her working life wiping arses and washing intimate body regions, day noon and night
[24 or more hour shifts sometimes].

She held that job for years never losing sight of her constant genuine respect and affection for the often cantankerous old folk
who'd been dumped by their reasonably well off families.

- and my mum was still grafting hard at work for very little financial reward well into her 60's..

..with no union to support and protect her...

I recall it may well have been a private 'residential care home',
scamming as much out of the public purse the owners could get away with,
until suddenly closing down overnight to reap the benefit of rising property values.

She was pensioned off about 15 years ago, replaced with cheap young 'trainees'.
Even then that was still some kind of elderly care system
to be relatively proud of.

We soon had hopes dashed a returning Labour Govt would be an improvement..

My mother's generation of underpaid skivvies has been seriously let down in retirement
by successive Govts as much as any financially much better off pensioners with a sense of self righteous grievance.

She's nearly 80 now, no savings, no ownership stake in our 'family home' of more than 40 years
- ie. the council house that the privatised housing agency is trying so hard to bully her into giving up..

Noone in our family has managed to earn enough significant savings or fund private investment plans,
[only a handfull of us left alive - with our own 'fair share' of health problems and disabilities..]
and I am just scared what will happen to my mother
and how we will cope in the next few years..

So yes, it is a very bleak future to look forward to getting older in post Cameron UK...

My wife has the only 'decent' salary in our immediate family.

She is a public sector education worker.
It's a real concern how much longer her health will survive the unremitting increasing workload and longer hours
and pressure being heaped upon her in the short while since the tories got back in.

It's no help that the school Head had a career in business
and only a few short years teaching experience
before promotion.
This Head is remorselessly unsympathetic or supportive,
and now seems to be hell bent under this new regime
on impressing LEA superiors with how tough she can be
sqeezing far more work out of long serving dedicated staff.

Cameron's tory Govt seriously believes it can get away with forcing ageing front line public sector workers to work more years until retirement,
while piling on the grinding stress that will cause so many high quality loyal public servants
to either drop dead prematurely at work,
or quit through ill health to take early retirement
at reduced pension rates !!!!???

and apologies to mudcat mods if it's not always so clear
where the 'discussion' dividing line lays between 'issues'
and personalised disagreements founded through bitter experience...