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Posted By: stallion
02-Dec-11 - 04:14 AM
Thread Name: Save UK Live Music - Hurry!
Subject: RE: Save UK Live Music - Hurry!
One has not considered that people leaving a venue that has had live music on are generally much happier and talk much louder when they are leaving, especially loud music which kills conversation and makes you deaf so chat outside after very loudly. Where there is no music the conversations are over and everyone has agreed the end of the world is nigh and go home miserable and so are quiet and sullen. In the case of the young and their mating games, they need loud music to hide the fact that they can't string a sentence together and that they are as shallow as a gnats bidet, why don't they stay home and play spin the bottle (having first drained the alcho pops out of it)? Of course I am making huge generalisations here but as I see it that is what the 2003 Act did.........oooo did anyone see the Clarkson bit on Telly - I mean the full version. Sound bite politics turned a pop at the BBC into scornful nasty jibe at the strikers and the strikers fell for it, turned on Clarkson instead of rounding on the Government, comrades don't lose your focus. Thread creep but it is a politicky sort of thread.
Now what was it I really wanted to say............................oh, Letter sent!