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Posted By: Peter K (Fionn)
02-Dec-11 - 07:43 AM
Thread Name: Help: the 'lost' Chieftains album
Subject: RE: Help: the 'lost' Chieftains album
Thanks for refreshing the thread with that information, Dalton22Adrian. It reminds me that I intended - but must have forgotten - to respond when the original question was asked nine years ago.

Just the other day I consigned all my Claddagh vinyl to the bin, having recently rescued them from unsitable storage and mastered the process for converting vinyl to digital code. It seemed a shame. The LPs were in "reasonable" nick but the sleeves had been rendered unsellable by our cat.

However, sentiment aside, the gain in space and sound quality can't be questioned. The various clicks and scratches that had accumulated over the years have been successfully removed courtesy of two simple programs, Audacity (opensource) and Goldwave (which can be freely sampled enough times to last a lifetime). Should have done it years ago, but I kept shying away from the technology.