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Posted By: GUEST,punkfolkrocker
02-Dec-11 - 08:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: Public Sector skivers (UK)
Subject: RE: BS: Public Sector skivers (UK)
"don't do justification!!"

..neither do you do empathy, compassion, humility, remorse.....

in fact any of the usual personal attributes or values that positively distinguish a psychologically well functioning individual
from a completely maladaptive sociopath...

but never mind.. eh.. as long as your 3 legged mutt still loves you.. ???

and yet despite all your unpleasant ill spirited abuse of public sector workers..

when life gets seriously shit,
there will always be good kind charitable public spirited folk
in most communities,
genuinely concerned and willing and prepared step forward to offer unconditional succour and help
to even the meanest of people..

my old mum's a bit like that.. takes in stray abused dogs
and feeds and tries to heal them no matter much they resist, claw and bite..