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Posted By: Don Firth
03-Dec-11 - 02:24 PM
Thread Name: Help needed from guitarists
Subject: RE: Help needed from guitarists
I found a really good combination in a coffeehouse where I sang every Friday and Saturday night for several years. It was fairly small place (seated maybe 50 people at most) and there was no stage. So I sat on a fairly tall wooden kitchen stool (CLICKY #1). That is, my right foot was on the floor, my left buttock was on the stool, and my left foot was on one of the rungs of the stool. I held the guitar on my left leg, much like the classic position (CLICKY #2). This put the guitar in a very good position for both hands.

I rarely looked at my left hand (lots of practice, muscle memory) and made it a point to maintain audience contact as I sang.

This latter, in my opinion, is very important for a performer, especially a singer. I've seen singers who spend their whole time on stage with their eyes glued to their left hands, and this seemed to put them in a sort of "isolation booth." They were closed off, not interacting with the audience. Not good.

When I refer to "interacting with the audience," I don't mean maintaining eye-contact with any individual member of the audience for more than a second or two. That can make the person very edgy, which is also not good. Glance around. Smoothly. Make eye contact for a second, then move on. And let your face reflect what is going on in the song.

Don Firth