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Posted By: Jack Campin
05-Dec-11 - 07:22 AM
Thread Name: Icelandic 'Cruel Mother' story
Subject: RE: Icelandic 'Cruel Mother' story
Now somebody's pasted Nanna's article in where I just had a link - be warned that if you follow her link to the song, you will find (a) that it isn't exactly a folk song (folk-derived art song, more like) and (b) that the comments section has attracted the usual xenophobic pond scum.

The Oedipus legend is a variant of this. Infanticide (whether by exposure or more direct killing) must have been versified many times in every culture in Europe. It would be surprising if the broadside writer of the English version hadn't heard an oral version of some sort, even if no verbal trace of the original went into his work.