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Posted By: michaelr
06-Dec-11 - 07:21 PM
Thread Name: chord req 'There is an Ocean' (Donovan)
Subject: RE: chord req 'There is an Ocean'
No Dave, it's the Donovan song "There is an Ocean". Here you go, Dilly:

THERE IS AN OCEAN (Donovan P. Leitch)
From the album Essence to Essence (1973)

Em                   Am
There is an ocean of vast proportion

    B7                  Em
And she flows within ourselves.

Em                   Am
To take dips daily we dive in gaily,

   B7                      Em
He knows who goes within himself.

G            B7          Em                C
The abode of angels, the mystical promised land,

B7                           Em
The one and only heaven, the god of man

B7                              Em
Is but the closing of an eyelid away.

There is a silence of pure excellence

And she flows within ourselves.

To appreciate, we de-activate.

He knows who goes within himself.

The domain of devils, the fearful land,

The only and only Hades, the satan of man

Is but the closing of an eyelid away.

D G            G/F#       Em
   All is as it was and evermore shall be,

Am                Am/G             D
Though they try to tell us it's not so.

G            G/F#                  Em
Over all the earth there's nothing new to see,

Am             Am/G            D
Excepting every seed will newly grow.

G            G/F#                Em
Innocence in childhood false men misconstrue

Am             Am/G             D
To be years of darkness spent in shade,

G                   G/F#          Em
Denying childhood's vision of the god of love,

       Am               D                G    G/F#
So that truth be turned about and untruth made,

And untruth made.

There is a reason for every season

Of change within ourselves.

To navigate, we appreciate

And know the flow within ourselves.

The deliverance from deluge, the good dry land,

The one and only haven, the rock of man

Is but the closing of an eyelid away.

Em                C B7
There is a season, ooh,

There is an ocean, ooh,

There is a silence, ooh.