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Posted By: gnu
07-Dec-11 - 02:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
I have just returned from The Queen's Mail outlet (we don't have post offices any more up here on accounta private corporations now make money offin a the Queen's Mail and pay kickbacks to the silly servants that let the contracts so they can pay a cut to the politicians that arrange for them to do so) nearby after providing photo ID and signing the fancy little electronic screen rigginfriggin to receive a registered letter from the King of Idaho.

Thank you much, Good King, for the get well card. I will reserve thanks for the funny looking note in the card until my financial institution verifies it's authenticity.

And, BTW... ya sure know how to make a guy feel bad. If I'da known it was gonna cost you that much just to send me the shipping costs for the book, I'da said don't bother. I figgered ya'd just hafta put a money order in an envelope and post it.

Good people... not only was the postage $26.96 but there is a note, mentioned above, that looks rather odd. I recognize the gentleman's image on the note as U.S. Grant and written on this note is that is is legal tender valued at $50.00. Let it never be said that Rap don't know how to make a guy feel bad. The postage what about what my postage was and the $50 is over and above that.

All hail The King.

I am still gonna see what they say at the Credit Onion, of course.

PS... whaddya mean "Buy some GOOD beer?"