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Posted By: Richard Bridge
14-Dec-11 - 04:28 AM
Thread Name: Folk awards FoI request denied
Subject: RE: Folk awards FoI request denied
I think there may be something more sinister - the suspicion surely is that judges are skewed towards some types of performers - and possibly towards some performers who may have certain connections.

That is an issue that ought to be investigated and disposed of, one way or another.

It is important, not only that justice is done but also that justice is seen to be done, and at present we cannot be clear that the judges are not SmoothiChops cronies with an agenda.

This is more important given that there have been some strange awards in the past - for example giving the "traditional" award to a composed song - indeed a song the melody for which and most of the words for which were written within the previous year. It was a good song, and it was a good performance (if you like that type of very electric drum and bass driven performance) but it was not "traditional".

Some light needs to be shone into this murky corner.