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Posted By: Jim Dixon
14-Dec-11 - 07:57 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Follow the Ploo (Gaberlunzie)
Subject: Lyr Add: FOLLOW THE PLOO (from Gaberlunzie)
My transcription from the recording I heard on Spotify:
(Note a few gaps and uncertainties. Corrections are welcome.)

As sung by Gaberlunzie on "The Shire of Kinross" (2009)*

I was born in the country just north o' the Tay,
And I'll never forget whit ma faither did say:
Says he tae me, "Laddie, whatever ye do,
You'll no be a man till ye follow the ploo."
    Singin' doo-diddle-die-dle-doo-die-dum-doo-die-dum-day [after each verse]

So I fee'd tae a fairmer ...(?)
As hardy a chiel as the devil himsel'.
Says he tae me, "Loun, not all wark is for you,
An' when ye're a man, ye can follow the ploo."

I mucked oot his byre and I bedded his kye.
Syne I got thinnin' his neeps by an' by,
But aye there was ae thing I wanted tae do:
Tae yoke up the Clydesdale an' follow the ploo.

I sat by mysel' in the bothy at nicht,
Cleanin' the harness by the dim candle licht,
And Ah learned a' the names as alone I did sit:
The collar, the brace strap, the bridle an' bit.

For leisure we wrestled or pu'd the ...(?)
Or we telt funny stories midst laughter an' glee,
Or played fifty-sixers wi' one in each hand.
Ah wis shair that it quickly wad mak me a man.

Noo one day the fairmer he made me tak hairt.
He says, "Yoke the old ...(?) horse intae yer cairt."
Then he tellt me the grip an' the words for to say,
And he sent me awa tae fell(?) neeps for the day.

But ah'm feart that I'll nae get tae follow the ploo,
For the times they are changin' an' we maun change, too.
They've sellt a' the horses, boucht tractors instead,
An' the stable's been turnt tae a great tractor shed.

Ay, the times they are changin' an' I maun change too,
Though I'll no hae a chance noo tae follow the ploo.
I'm as much o' a man as I'm likely tae be,
Ay, an' yoked tae a tractor, the ploo follows me.

[* Also on Gaberlunzie's "The Travelling Man" (2003).]

[Any idea what "fifty-sixers" are?]