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Posted By: Waddon Pete
21-Dec-11 - 11:04 AM
Thread Name: In Memoriam
Subject: RE: In Memoriam
Every so often Mudcat hosts an obit thread. Always these celebrate the life of some-one who is sadly missed and it is often poignant to read the tributes posted.

But life rolls on. This is shown clearly by the inexorable way that the obit thread moves down the listings until it finally takes residence in the Mudcat archive. Sometimes it will be refreshed. Sometimes it lies forgotten by all but the original poster. That has always struck me as sad.

A while ago now the idea of a Mudcat Roll of Honour was suggested. Many Mudcatters felt this was a good idea and so…. here it is (with a name change as suggested by Bonnie Shaljean).

Bradfordian has personally dedicated the new Mudcat CD set (This is Us) to all our dear departed Mudcatters.

I would ask you to be patient as names are added. I would also like your help to fill out the list! However, be aware of the very few guidance notes!

…..This thread is for those people associated with the world of folk music in its widest sense.

…..The people on the thread must have had an obit thread running on Mudcat.

…..We only go back 15 years to 1996.

If anyone else would like to start a thread for those many and wonderful people who shared their talents with us before then, then I'm sure that will be appreciated!

Any post on this thread should only be a name and a link to their obit thread please. If you want to discuss or add anything else, please use the thread running at

Many thanks,