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Posted By: My guru always said
22-Dec-11 - 02:50 AM
Thread Name: 'This is Us' single volumes available-Mudcat CDs
Subject: RE: 'This is Us' single volumes available.
I agree Michael, but I wonder if it needs more publicity than just a thread that Catters can click on if they're interested in the title. I'm certain that there are lots of people using the Mudcat that haven't heard of this project and have no idea what the thread title refers to. Many wouldn't have the time (especially at this time of year) to check each thread for stuff that's of interest to them.

And, of course, times are hard for us all. I know that I've cut all my spending to the bone and am hoping that my job doesn't get swallowed up in the recession. Many others are in the same boat I know. 'Shameful' is perhaps, a little harsh, I think.

Perhaps Max could put up an advert in the page header? Something snappy?