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Posted By: Joe Offer
23-Dec-11 - 02:52 AM
Thread Name: Christmas songs about Joseph?
Subject: ADD: Josef Lieber / Joseph Dearest
Josef Lieber, Josef Mein - Originally sung as a lullaby by the Virgin Mary in 16th Century mystery plays in Leipzig, Germany. Music: "Resonet in Laudibus" (Let Our Praises Resound), 14th Century German carol.


Joseph, lieber Joseph mein,
hilf mir wiegen mein Kindelein,
Gott, der wird dein Lohner sein
im Himmelreich, der Jungfrau Sohn Maria.
Eia! Eia!

Gerne, liebe Maria mein,
helf ich dir wiegen das Kindelein.
Gott, der wird mein Lohner sein
im Himmelreich, der Jungfrau Sohn Maria.
Eia! Eia!

Freu dich nun, o Christenschar,
der himmlische König klar
nahm die Menschheit offenbar,
den uns gebar die reine Magd Maria.
Eia! Eia!

Süßer Jesu, auserkor'n,
weißt wohl, dass wir war'n verlor'n,
still uns deines Vaters Zorn,
dich hat gebor'n die reine Magd Maria.
Eia! Eia!


Here's the Digital Tradition version, which is in need of correction:

(Translation by Percy Dearmer, 1867-1936)

1. "Joseph, Dearest Joseph mine,
Help me cradle the Child divine.
God reward thee and all that's thine,
In paradise," so prays the mother Mary.

He came among us at Christmas time
At Christmas time in Bethlehem
Men shall bring him from far and wide,
Love's diadem
Jesus, Jesus;
Lo, he comes and loves and saves and frees us. [1]

2. "Gladly dear one, Lady mine
Help I cradle this Child of thine."
"God's own light on us both shall shine,
In paradise," as prays the mother Mary. Chorus

3. Servant 1:
Peace to all that have goodwill!
God, who heaven and earth doth fill,
Comes to turn us away from ill,
As all may see In Jesus, Son of Mary. [2] Chorus

4. Servant 2:
All shall come and bow the knee,
Wise and happy their souls shall be.
Loving such a divinity as all may see
In Jesus Son of Mary. Chorus

5. Servant 3:
Now is born Emmanual,
Prophesied once by Ezekiel,
Promised Mary by Gabriel, Ah, who can tell
Thy praises, Son of Mary. Chorus

6. Servant 4:
Thou my lazy heart hast stirred,
Thou, The Father's eternal Word,
Greater than aught that ear hath heard,
Thou tiny bird of love, Thou Son of Mary. Chorus

7. Servant 1:
Sweet and lovely little one,
Thou princely, beautiful, God's own Son,
Without Thee all of us were undone;
Our love is won by Thine, O Son of Mary. Chorus

8. Servant 2:
Little man, and God indeed,
Little and poor, Thou art all we need;
We will follow where Thou dost lead,
And we will heed our brother, born of Mary. Chorus

1. Some versions omit the chorus.

2. Some versions have And lies so still within the crib of Mary.


Sam Hinton told me quite a story about this song - (click).