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Posted By: Phil Edwards
24-Dec-11 - 06:48 PM
Thread Name: advice sought from Nick Drake nerd
Subject: RE: advice sought from Nick Drake nerd
Well, it's easy to over-interpret Nick Drake's songs, particularly the ones on Pink Moon - there's so little there. I got into Nick Drake in the first place after reading a profile in a borrowed copy of the London Magazine which confidently stated that "the road that will see me through" was a reference to suicide - even then, without having heard the song, I thought that was a stretch.

But I think Joey Barton had a point about suicides, & depression more generally (and I speak as someone who's been there, at least for a visit) - there's a nasty, spiteful, passive-aggressive element to it, even though it doesn't bring any satisfaction to the sufferer. And I think Pink Moon is a very dark album. "Northern Sky" is the song of someone who's known a lot of pain and neglect and a few moments of peace, and feels genuinely baffled that the world can't be like that more often. "Which will" is the song of someone who doesn't hope for anything any more, except for making make damn sure that they're sorry when he's gone.