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27-Dec-11 - 06:00 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Spanish Is the Loving Tongue
Subject: RE: Origins: Spanish Is the Loving Tongue
dick - The word "corazon", if spoken by a Mexican or other Latin American is pronounced "cor-rah-SON", with the emphasis on the final syllable...and the "o" sound in "SON" is sort of like the "o" sound in the English word "stone" only it's shortened some...not drawn out so much as the "o" sound is in English.

So it doesn't sound like "sewn". It sounds like something halfway between the English words "son" and "sewn".

An American cowboy might speak it with the correct Mexican accent...or he might not...depends on the cowboy in question.


Regarding Juana and the gambling hall...the gambling hall was most certainly not located at Juana's house, which seems to have been a rather upper class hacienda, probably out in the country. The fight at the gambling hall would have occurred at another location somewhere in town, resulting in the cowboy having to flee the area and get back across the American border, thus leaving his Mexican love behind.

This totally makes sense, therefore the lyric about the gambling fight is no problem.


As for Ian Tyson's version, which is excellent, I believe he sings in the final lines "Lost my heart and left to roam. Adios, my corazon..."

Which again makes perfect sense.