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Posted By: Little Hawk
27-Dec-11 - 06:18 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Spanish Is the Loving Tongue
Subject: RE: Origins: Spanish Is the Loving Tongue
Here's how I do it:

Spanish is the loving tongue
Soft as music, light as spray;
Was a girl I learned it from
Living down Sonora way.
I don't look much like a lover,
Still I say her love words over.
Mostly when I'm all alone
"Mi amor, mi corazon"

On the nights when I would ride
She would listen for my spurs,
Throw the big door open wide,
Raise those laughing eyes of hers.
Late at night when fires are dying
In my dreams I hear her sighing,
Whispered soft for me alone ---
"Mi amor, mi corazon"

Moonlight on the patio,
Old senora nodding near,
Me and Juana talking low
So the Madre would not hear.
How those hours would get to flying!
All too soon I'd hear her sighing
In her sad and sorry tone ---
"Adios, mi corazon."

I've not seen her since that night,
I can't cross the line, you know.
They want me for a gambling fight
Like as not, it's better so.
Still sometimes I've sorely missed her
Since that last sad night I kissed her
Lost my heart and left to roam
Adios, mi corazon!