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Posted By: woodyguth3
27-Dec-11 - 07:51 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Ballad of the Cowpuncher (Genny Haley)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE NEW OLD COWPUNCHER (Tom Smith)
Hi folks,
I thought I'd revisit this old thread to post some new words I wrote to this song. Was pondering ways to reduce my carbon footprint. :) Enjoy.

New words: Tom Smith,

I am an old cow puncher; I'm known the world around.
I see you are a rustler, 'cause you rustled into town.
How do you do, young feller? Sit down and have some lunch,
And while you drink your coffee, you can watch me punch

These are good times for punchers, with the price of oil so dear.
I'm a harvester of methane; it doesn't take much gear.
I just fill my cows with green beans; I bring them with my cart.
I stick a hose in their behinds; I punch them and they fart.

I run my car on methane I gather from my cows.
I convert it into power with which I heat my house.
In eco-bovine rhythm, they bloat, then they deflate—
A perfect symbiosis: I punch; they flatulate.

But it's lonesome in the saddle ever since my old horse died.
I have no friends nor fam'ly to ride here by my side.
My pungent occupation drove them from my home.
I am an old cow puncher; I punch my cows alone.