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Posted By: Little Hawk
29-Dec-11 - 04:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: Which news sources do you use?
Subject: RE: BS: Which news sources do you use?
I simply take a quick look at the headlines twice a day on Google. If there's anything there that I think is worth reading more about, I look further into it. The latter (things worth reading more about) usually comprises only about 5% of what is termed "the News" in this society...if that.

I also take a quick look at the daily newspaper. I find print journalism far more comprehensive and worthwhile than listening to a radio broadcast or watching the TV.

Have you noticed that about 90% of what is termed "the News" on radio and TV is bad news? A great deal of it is gossip, sensationalism, politically partisan infighting, and crime and disaster stories. Focusing on it does not help people's general state of mind, and most of it is about stuff they can't do anything about and which has nothing directly to do with their own lives...but they still get upset about it! This results in a population that commonly feels helpless, imperilled, angry, and frustrated much of the time...not to mention powerless. I don't see that as being beneficial. I see it as an empty exercise in achieving a certain level of mind control (from the government's point of view), pushing conformity, and marketing commercial products by attracting listeners who will then get to hear some advertising along with "the News".

One can avoid most of that by reading print journalism instead of tuning into radio and TV.

I do find myself occasionally hearing a News broadcast on CBC radio (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation...where there are no ads), and by about halfway through it I think, "Now why did I just waste a couple of minutes of my day listening to this?" and I walk away and do something else instead.