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Posted By: Marion
26-Oct-00 - 09:54 PM
Thread Name: Weird open mike etiquette
Subject: RE: Weird open mike etiquette
Hi Willie-O. Archie Fisher? Damn. Who's playing in Perth or district between December 27 and January 1? That's when I'll be there. I'd be glad to look you up and play Maple Sugar with you too, if you're so inclined. I'm definitely bring the fiddle, haven't decided about the guitar.

Where are you from, Murray? Yes, Cape Breton isn't much to complain about, except that I can't buy brown rice anywhere in my town. (I didn't realize brown rice was that exotic).

Willie-O's story reminds of the best scene in Blues Brothers, where the band is stealing a gig by pretending to be a country band, and the only tunes they can think of to do are "Rawhide" and "Stand By Your Man." I'm thinking of learning Stan's "Night Guard" and trying to pass it off as a country song - hey, it has the word rodeo in it - I guess I'd better stock up on chicken wire.