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Posted By: Marion
26-Oct-00 - 10:08 PM
Thread Name: How much should I ask for my guitar?
Subject: How much should I ask for my guitar?
I've pretty much made up my mind to get a steel string guitar, and that means selling my classical. I don't know that much about the relative values of guitars or about this guitar, so I'm at a loss as to what would be a fair price for it. Can anyone comment?

The brand is Conrad and it's Japanese made. The label spells serial "selial" which suggests to me that it's not a high-calibre brand, but three guitarheads that I've known have spoken highly of my guitar. I've had it three years, and it's been in three pairs of hands before me that I know of, so I would guess its age to be about ten years. It looks fine, not dinged up. I had a strap button put in the bottom.

(If anyone wants to suggest a dollar range, please note whether you mean American or Canadian money.)

And to those who will want to tell me to buy the steel string AND keep the classical: no.

Thank you, Marion