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Posted By: Janie
01-Jan-12 - 07:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Mudcat Gardeners 2012
Subject: BS: Mudcat Gardeners 2012
Happy New Year! Still not gardening much, but still loving what I can do. Haven't done so the past 4 years, including this year, but my New Year's Day tradition historically has been to plant bulbs. May that tradition return!

Warm here today, but the New Year will soon bring cold weather with it. We have had some very cool days and some light frosts during the fall, but no really cold nights or what I would call chilly days yet. That will change tomorrow night. Much later than usual. There was just enough frosty nights to finally cause the leaves on the mophead hydrangea to brown and fall off, but unfortunately, it has since been warm enough to cause significant bud swell, and for some of the buds to break dormancy completely and start to sprout new leaves.

Daffodils are starting to emerge. They will welcome some colder temps. Still have oregano that is green but will be frosted hard tomorrow night. The Red Russian kale is a lovely color now and very sweet to the taste buds. Planted onions in the spring that I never harvested and have been enjoying the tops of the re-sprouts in salads. The Italian parsley resowed itself in a little raised bed. I hope to thin the seedlings next weekend.

got back Thursday afternoon from a 5 day trip to the South Carolina Low Country. Not quite 300 miles south, 600 ft. lower in elevation and the effects of the Gulf Stream make a huge difference. Very different from South Florida, where I used to winter - a very mild temperate zone. Sweet alyssum and Iceland poppies backed by dark green swiss chard, camelias, a phlox whose identity is escaping me right now (tall, purple, fringed petals - thought it was hesperis from a distance but up close thinking it is a Sweet William cultivar, snapdragons, cottage pinks, pansies and violas in full bloom, plus lightly blooming lantana, salvias, moonvines not in bloom but still leafed out and climbing, lovely window boxes with lettuces, kale, alyssum, pansies and violas. Hydrangeas with the drying blooms still showing color, cockscomb. On Folly Island, where we stayed, there was one older yellow house, slightly run-down as befits a beach community house, with a terrific and funky garden encompassing the entire yard. some things in bloom, and a few potted orange trees bearing bright fruit, and wonderful textures and contrasts.

It would be worth quarterly weekend trips down there just to stroll past that little house and see the garden at different times of year.

Still blowing and mulching oak leaves and will be doing so through the end of January.