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Posted By: Paul Burke
02-Jan-12 - 02:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Young Earth Creationism
Subject: RE: BS: Young Earth Creationism
however as darwinism gained popular acceptance many churchians adjusted their teaching ,perhaps thinking to gain acceptance from evolutionist scientists.
dont think it worked so well as far as i know.

No, they were intellectually honest, and the scientific evidence was so clear that, even with the many problems(*) of Darwin's schema in the science of the time, they accepted that natural selection is a far better explanation of the biological world than the story in Genesis. They then understood that Genesis was a metaphorical description of God's interaction with his creation rather than a complete factual account. That was a break with the past in some respects, but other parts of the Bible had always been interpreted as metaphor or allegory, so the change was in the end not too traumatic. It also marked perhaps for the Church of England, a step on the path that took them from an unthinking supporter of State power to a more thinking view of the origins of morality. Some may not think that a good thing, but they at least believe that they can get souls into Heaven without requiring them to deny the proven.

(*) Problems like:

1. No known mechanism of inheritance- the discovery of Mendel's work forty years later started science on the investigatory path that is still going on, but has led to a much deeper understanding of the mechanisms of Life.

2. No known way the Sun could have produced energy in sufficient quantities for the millions of years required by Darwin's slow selection of minute reproductive advantages. Fifty years passed before the discovery of radioactivity gave the first hints that the Sun has enough energy available to last for not just millions, but many billions, of years.